Colophon is proudly published on Ghost, which is built on top of Express, a minimalist web framework for Node.js, using Handlebars for templates, with data stored in MySQL. The site is managed via an admin client built with Ember.

This site is hosted on Ghost(Pro) and uses Cloudflare for CDN and DNS.

The site data is structured as HTML and RSS. Metadata is available via Open Graph, Twitter Card and JSON-LD. is developed using Volta to manage the JavaScript toolchain and Yarn to manage dependencies. The theme is built using Broccoli.js and tested with GScan. Styles are powered by Sass, organized with BEM and use Normalize.css to help cross-browser consistency.

The design is original, with a color scheme influenced by the Material Design Color Tool. Code snippets use the Solarized color scheme. The Lato typeface family is used for the site logo and paragraph copy, with Courier New used for headlines and alternative copy. Icons are provided by Font Awesome. Syntax highlighting is provided by highlight.js.