Privacy Policy

What data does collect?

The only data that I collect via this website is your e-mail address that you optionally provide to subscribe to receive site updates. Since that is optional, you are free to not provide your e-mail address.

What do I do with the data that collects?

I will send you an e-mail when I publish a new post to this site. That’s it. I will never give away or sell your information.

What third parties does use?

I use several third party services to run I’ve selected each third party careful to ensure they respect your privacy and mine. I’ve avoided “free” services that exist to collect data for means other than to provide the service.

Service Privacy Notice Description
Ghost Provides the platform this site is published on
Ghost(Pro) Hosts this site
Cloudflare Provides various services like CDN, DNS, site analytics, etc…
Ghostboard Aggregates and anonymizes site analytics

What about Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc…?

I do not use Google analytics on Fonts are provided by Google Fonts, but served from this domain, not from Google. Icons are provided by Font Awesone, but served inline, not from Fond Awesome. Buttons to subscribe or share on social networks are hardcoded links, not implemented via potentially privacy invading JavaScript widgets.

Certain posts may embed YouTube videos or other external content. I will do my best to provide the least invasive embedding impossible, e.g. by embedding YouTube content using the “no cookie[1]” domain.

I make no claim for the privacy of any external link. Visit at your own discretion.

How can I find out about changes to your privacy policy?

This version of’s privacy policy took effect on May 25th, 2020.

I will post future versions to this same page at I will do my best to note and track changes.

Date Change
2020-03-29 First draft published
2020-05-25 Removed Font Awesome from third parties
2020-12-28 Added Cloudflare's web analytics beacon

  1. Saddly, it does not exclude absolutely all cookies; but it does avoid the standard tracking cookies that are set from the main domain. ↩︎