Hamilton Streaks Greg Giraldo

Clinton, New York–Comedy Central’s Greg Giraldo was streaked during his headlining performance at Hamilton College on Saturday, February 11, 2006. The incident occurred 20 minutes into his routine. Three streakers, members of Hamilton College’s Varsity Streaking Team, appeared from stage left out of a utility passage way and exited the building to below freezing temperatures and eight inches of snow.

Giraldo, appearing before a standing room only crowd at The Hamilton College Annex, was more surprised by the non-reaction of the audience, who unbeknown to him, are rather used to the antics of the streaking team. Giraldo did not let the streak upset his comedy and spent some time on the incident before returning to his planned routine.

The Hamilton College Varsity Streaking Team is not sponsored in any way by Hamilton College. The team has been featured in articles by The New York Times, ESPN.com, Sports Illustrated.com and Play Boy, as well as appearing on Fox News and Bill O’Reilly.

Greg Giraldo was appearing as a special guest on Mike Birbiglia’s Comedy Central Medium Man on Campus tour, which stops next at SUNY Albany.