Brett Favre, “…What Will They Do, Cut Me?”

Will he retire? In a recent statement Brett Favre kept the question of his retirement open. Favre is due a roster bonus on Saturday, and many thought his decision would come by then. It is possible the bonus can be postponed, as it has already been moved twice.

Favre stated that he would only return if he believed that the Packers improved the team and had a chance of winning, “If we cant compete at a high level, I can walk away and my legacy will speak for itself.” Favre then added, “If I dont tell them by Saturday, what will they do, cut me?”

That is exactly what the Packers should do. Last seasons 29 interceptions and 70.9 quarterback rating are the worst of Favres career. Favres leadership ability is also in question, as he is on bad terms with Javon Walker after Walkers hold-out for a new contract. It is questionable whether Walker and Favre can function together on the same team, and clearly if a choice need be made, Walker is far better for the future and maybe even the here and now.

Green Bay is in a rebuilding mode and clearly will not compete this season. As large as his legacy, and as much as Favre is the face of the Packers and a fan favorite, he is clearly not going to be in the teams long-term plans and should not be in their short-term plans either.

The Packers must find out whether Aaron Rogers can replace Favre, and the sooner this can be accomplished the sooner the Packers can more past rebuilding. Favres cap number is not to detrimental, but every cap penny saved now can be used to help ease the cap of the future, as the Vikings are the prime examples.

The Packers should quietly urge Favre to retire on good terms with the team and then attempt to use him as an ambassador to the fans. Failing at that, it is time the Packers cut ties with Favre, call his bluff and release Favre. There is little chance Favre would ever consider another team, and Favre can enjoy his legacy while the Packers rebuild and work to compete in future seasons.