Rudy Giuliani: Traitor

I’m disgusted. Perhaps the most recognizable Yankee fan, (with apologies to Billy Crystal) former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and life long Yankee fan committed the most serious of sports sins yesterday when he stated plainly, “I’m rooting for the Red Sox.”

Garbage. This is a despicable move by the former Mayor. One of the most important rules of being a sports fan is that you cannot, under any circumstances, even think about rooting for the arch-rival of your team, much less declare it in public. An Ohio State fan would never root for Michigan. A Celtics fan would never root for theLakers. A Cowboys fan would never root for the Redskins. And a Yankees fan should never ever root for the Red Sox.

How one conducts themselves as a sports fan reveals much of their inner self. This presidential candidate has now shown himself to be completely untrustworthy, disloyal and traitorous. You cannot flip-flop on a larger scale than Yankees/RedSox. It is just not possible.

Just because the Yankees are out of contention does not make it okay to root for the Red Sox. That would be like bring our troops home from Iraq, but then rooting for al Qaeda.

In fact, if the Yankees are no longer in contention and the Red Sox are still playing, then it is the duty of a true fan to root for each and every team that faces the Red Sox. Rockies fans, you can count on the support of every single Yankee fan in your quest to vanquish the Boston beast.

It was bad enough when Hillary Clinton changed her allegiance to the Yankees, despite a life of rooting for the Cubs. Turning your back on your team for another is terrible, but tossing them aside for their nemesis is unthinkable.

Even worst is the idea that he so carelessly changed his allegiance for political gain. New Hampshire is part of Red Sox Nation. He never made such an announcement in 2004, after the Red Sox advanced to the World Series last time after defeating the Yankees. Trading your sports team for votes is unforgivable.

Rudy Giuliani, you broke my heart. You are no longer welcome as a Yankees fan.